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Easy Peasy Easter soup

As the title says, this recipe is simple quick and easy (and cheap) Serving this before a family meal will make sure that you have time for the finishing touches for your main meal and that your guests will umm and ahh over the amazing taste.

TIP - If your making in advance, heat up slowly and blend at the last min - it adds to the thickness and texture.

So Here is the recipe for my last minute Easter pea and coconut soup.

Serves 4


1 tin coconut milk 1 white onion 250g peas (frozen) 800ml veg stock 2 Tbs of mint


Chop your onion finely, the cook on a low heat with a little butter (Stir, so as not to burn) which the onion is cooked (looks clear) then add the peas and the stock then cook for about 20 minutes.

add the coconut milk and the mint (chopped finely) at the end and cook for about another 5 mins.

Blend till totally smooth and serve.


drop a few drops of the coconut milk on the top then drag a fork over the top to create a nice pattern.


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