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Bone Broth, why we should all be making it.

'Tem bones, tem bones, tem dry bones' little did we all realise when singing this song, that the words had more meaning than we realised.

Our bones and joints are very complicated things, and we often suck them dry with the lifestyle that we lead.

I key, as always is a healthy diet and exercise, but we do have a little culinary weapon in the arsenal, and it's cheap and easy to make.

Bone broth, all you need is a cheap slow cooker, and a butcher with bones. This magical broth has so many health benefits and adds taste to your cooking like you would not believe.

Below I will give you a basic recipe for a couple of bone broths one with beef and one with chicken. They both have health benefits, and importantly you are making use of the leftovers from your Sunday roasts etc.

If you happen to not have made a roast that week and find yourself with the precious commodity of roasts / or cooked bones. Then make a beeline for your nearest butcher. They will either be able to sell you leftover bones at a cheap rate, or (as Paul at my local butchers does be able to give you them for free, or as Paul does he asks for a donation to his company's chosen charity (rocking horse appeal a worthy choice in Sussex) I have noticed that even my local Morrisons sell bones.

Its easy, cheap you can make bone broth on the stove don't it takes time and you would need to monitor the hob, so a slow cooker is preferable - these days you can buy a cheap slow cooker for about £19.99, its worth the money. We lose the nutrients from food even when we roast grill boil or fry. Slow cooking at a low heat retains the vitamins and minerals we all so badly need these days, so here is the basic recipe.


(makes about 2 litres)

3 kg of beef marrow or knuckle bones roasted for a 1-1/2hrs

150ml cider vinegar (this is important because it helps bring out the flavour of the bones)

2 carrots chopped

1 onion chopped

2 leaks

1 tsp peppercorns


Place all the bones in a slow cooker or a large pot on the hob and cover with water. Bring to the boil then turn down and cook for about 15-20hrs on the hob or 10-12 hours in a slow cooker.

Skim of the scum on the top then leave to cool and sieve into glass containers.

Use in sauces, soups, or brew as a healthy drink.

It keeps in the fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for a month.

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