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Rainbow giant cous cous and spring Sussex lamb with mint sauce

This is such a wonderful celebration of our local Sussex spring lamb, and is so much more tasty than the standard Roast.

Light and easy, I loved cooking this dish, so why not give it a try x

Serves 2


Couscous salad

60g giant Couscous

40g peas

1/2 tin of chickpeas (drained and washed)

1/2 roasted red and yellow pepper diced

Small handful of pumpkin seeds

1/4 courgette cut into small chunks

Spinkle of sesame seeds

salt and pepper (to taste)

Handful of spinach each


1 Tbs of white wine vinegar

1 Tsp of sesame oil

1/2 tsp of ground ginger

Salt and pepper

The lamb

2 portions of a rack of lamb

A few sprigs of thyme, leaves only.

A drizzle of olive oil

Salt and pepper

Drizzle of mint sauce (homemade is always nicer, but store is still tasty)


Preheat the oven to 180º C

Score the rack of lambs skin and drizzle the oil. Then add your salt and pepper and give them a rub - now simply add the the oven.

Cook for about 20-25 mins

(add the peppers to roast for about 10-15 mins)

The Couscous salad.

Cook the couscous as per the packet - add all the other ingredients once cool and leave to the side.

After the 10-15 minutes take the peppers out of the oven, and let them cut them into small squares and add to the salad.

When the lamb is ready take out to rest while you plate up the salad,drizzle a little dressing then portion the lamb and finally drizzle a little mint sauce.

Serve and enjoy.

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