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Beetroot & chicken wraps

Thanks to the wonderful SNC (Sussex Netball club) family fun picnic day to raise funds for the team. I was given a perfect opportunity to try out some picnic meal ideas!

So off I went to grab a few veg essentials and grab the Picnic basket, and get to work, the outcome was a delicious and quick to make lunchtime treat. Heres the recipe for my beetroot and chicken wraps, enjoy.

Makes 4 large wraps


2 cooked beetroot

1/2 block of feta

Cooked chicken/breaded chicken

Spinach and rocket

A few cherry tomatos

sprinkle of chilli flakes

Dollop of yogurt

Sprinkle of salt and pepper


Place the beetroot in a small blender with the feta and put salt and pepper then blitz up into a spread.

Then generously spread onto a wrap, as seen below.

Then add the spinach, rocket and the tomatos, I love the colours of this recipe.

Next add the chopped chicken,yogurt,and the chilli flakes, and the salt and pepper. Its now just a case of rolling the sides up and wrapping in greaseproof paper.

They are really yummy, and you can also make them with, roasted veg instead of chicken, or indeed the leftovers from a sunday roast.

Its a really simple way of pimping up your picnic.

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