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Fun At Firle's Vintage Fair

Waking up and rising the troops on a slightly misty Saturday morning was no mean feat! But the lure of vintage style tea and cakes, victorian lace, beautiful dresses and natural face masks made from Firles' own Lord's beautiful herb garden, was enough to win them over.

So we pile into the car and eventually arrive at the gates of the Manor, after the long drive through the stunning grounds. Finally, the windy road ends and we park and follow the lines of people. Some dressed in vintage dresses and suits for the occasion, there is an air of excitement as to what we will find beyond the tented entrance.

After paying the £10 entry fee (which once your in is quite reasonable when you see the size of it). we are overwhelmed by the different and colourful stalls.

My daughter Belle, heads straight for the vintage clothes with wide eyes and thoughts of bagging a gem of a dress to wear for the last stretch of sussex summer sun (and then realised that they were really expensive because they were real vintage, so decided not to buy one!!).

We slowly made our way round the vintage car show, the beautiful stands of natural skin care- Bee cosmetics in particular (more on that soon!), beautiful ceramics and scented candles aplenty.

And after a good walk round, the midday sun was out in force, so we stopped and had some delicious duck wraps, soul food roasted vegetables, and a pint of local ale.

Before heading home, we stopped at a local fruit sellers stand to grab some fruit for the drive home and to my delight they had greengages (not green plums as my daughter called them!!) They were grown in sussex and the taste threw me back to my childhood memories of fruit picking in the summer holidays. So, laden with heavy paper bags with our fruit we headed home.

I would definately recomend visiting the fair and for updates and news of next years event you can subsribe to their mailing list below.

Or check the events list on Firle house's website.


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